Wednesday 6th May 2020

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Usually when I recommend you listen to a song on Youtube I point you to one where the lyrics are displayed on screen, today’s video recommendation doesn’t have that, but you can find the main lyrics by opening your bible at Numbers ch.6 verses 24-26. YouTube: ‘The UK Blessing’

Read Psalm 25

There may be a little marker in your bible next to the title of this psalm taking you to a note at the bottom of the page which informs us that this psalm is an acrostic psalm where each verse starts with successive letter of the Hebrew alphabet (similar to the song: ‘A’ you’re adorable, ‘B’ you’re so beautiful etc..). Perhaps some of you might want to take up the challenge to write your own alphabet psalm.

Sometimes the bible tells us about the specific circumstances which cause King David to write a particular psalm, but here in Psalm 25 we aren’t told about any particular situation, but we can recognise that David is feeling overwhelmed by some negative circumstances – perhaps you can relate to that?

Verse 12 in many translations talks about ‘fearing God’ - this isn’t the fear of someone cowering in the presence of a vindictive bully, but the psalmist wants to convey to us a healthy recognition of our unworthiness to be in relationship with the God who is holy, all-powerful, all-knowing, all-wise. As we recognise who God is and how awesome it is to know him, then the psalm goes in to tell us we can experience something truly wonderful (v.14) – God confides in us! He doesn’t post something for everyone to read, but addresses each of us individually, speaking specifically into our situation. We confide in those we trust – those who are closest to us, and God confides in us because as we put our trust in him and his promises we become close to him. While we might feel over-awed at who God is, he simply reaches out to us as one of his dearly loved children and talks to us. God helps us to see how we can overcome those situations which we find so difficult to cope with and the things God confides to us, will be things which cause us to grow strong - the psalmist describes God’s help giving him (v.21) integrity and honesty.

Usually when we read about Israel in the psalms as we do in the final verse (v.22) of this psalm, we can replace the name of the nation with the phrase ‘God’s people’ and then we can take the statement or promise and apply it to ourselves – because through our faith in Jesus being our Saviour and Lord we too are God’s people! Perhaps you would like to read the whole psalm once again.

Earlier this week I read an article written right at the start of the lockdown in the Evangelical Alliance’s magazine (May 2020). The article is entitled ‘Meeting fear with kindness’ and at the end of the article the writer, Ann Clifford includes a psalm she has written, which I print in full to encourage you (and perhaps inspire you).


I declare the goodness of God.

His faithfulness beyond measure.

The beauty of His presence, the joy of His companionship.

He fills lives with mercy.

He teaches what is important and everlasting.

He takes away the clouds, clears the skies,

allows His clarity to shine unstopped,

like a glorious full moon, radiant before the dawn.

He is immeasurable, but also intimate.

He is resplendent, but as present as skin on the body.

He forgets nothing, yet remembers only love.

In Him, the world begins and ends.

In Him, purpose is defined.

In Him, all things receive their proper proportion.

The light of His loveliness pours over His people,

covering them with supernatural radiance.

He is, we are.

His story is our story.

We cannot be forgotten or misremembered.

In Him we live and move and have our being.

In Him we are whole.

He glories in us.

We exist to glorify Him, His praise ever in our minds and hearts.

The tale of His living, unstoppable goodness forever in our mouth.

Use phrases from this ‘new psalm’ to start expressing prayers of praise and thanks to God. If you are reading this on Facebook, perhaps comment on which phrase from this poem blessed or challenged you. Listen to a psalm written by Keith & Kristyn Getty. YouTube ‘The Lord is my salvation lyrics’

Our Friday ‘Guest Writer’ is Rebecca, and I look forward to writing to you again on Sunday - Stephen

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