Sunday 25th April 2021

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In the weeks leading up to Easter this year many of us were following the booklet “Live Lent,” which was sub-titled “God’s Story Our Story.” I liked the idea of our own personal stories being interwoven with God’s; that each of us plays a part in His story even though our part in it is only very brief – in comparison to eternity, that is!

Each of us has a different story, of course, and I was thinking about a particular moment in my story that I have come to see in two very different ways. It happened many years ago…

Shortly after leaving school, I went on a camping holiday with friends to North Wales. It was the first time I’d been camping, and I loved it (though nowadays I prefer more home comforts when I’m on holiday!), and we enjoyed lovely weather all week (yes, in Wales!!) and had some great walks. One day we decided to climb Snowdon – via the Pyg Track for those who know it – and it was during this expedition that I experienced a profound moment.

We were sitting at the top of the mountain eating our sandwiches, and I clearly remember gazing around at all the neighbouring hills and mountains thinking how long they had been there. For hundreds of millions of years, in fact; and compared to them I felt that my lifetime, however long or short it might be, was nothing in comparison. No more than the time it takes for a match to flare up and burn out, or whatever other comparison you might like to think of. And I found that thought rather sad and depressing at the time, although I didn’t let it spoil my enjoyment of the walk!

I should explain that I wasn’t a Christian at the time, I just had some sort of muddled spiritual awareness, but I had never bothered to seriously consider who Jesus really was, and I would certainly not have considered myself to be playing a part in “God’s story.”

So how do I feel about it now?

Well, since I became a Christian I have, over the years, come to view that moment on the mountain-top very differently. Yes, my lifetime will still be no more than a blip in comparison to those mountains, but that doesn’t matter because I know that I matter to God, and however long or short my life maybe I am able to play a part in God’s story. Surely what God spoke to the prophet Jeremiah also applies to you and me:

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart.”

(Jeremiah 1:5)

So, I now know that the same God who created the mountains that will last for millions more years also knows me personally, and cares for me who will live a much shorter time than those hills! And that is a wonderful truth that never ceases to amaze me, and for which I am so thankful.

Rod Sillence.


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