Friday 7th May 2021

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Today’s guest writer is Ellen Gibson:

My Christian Journey

I was born in Small Heath, the eldest of four children. We attended a small Chapel which was next door to my Grandmother’s home and shop. We were sent to this Chapel every Sunday morning and afternoon. I don’t remember much about it, except that once a year I had a new dress for the Anniversary.

In September 1939 world war 2 broke out and as we lived near the B.S.A factory my parents evacuated us to a small village, Rowington where we attended the Village school attached to the Church of England. All the children were expected to attend the Church.

Towards the end of the war, we returned to Small Heath and we attended St. Benedict’s C. of E. Church, it was here that I met Mary Porter and her Father. My Nan moved to a village called Lapworth, and most weekends I spent with her, and again attended a Small Chapel. Here I met a family who were to influence my life and my decision to become a Christian.

They ran a Y.P.F. (Young Peoples Fellowship) group which I was allowed to attend. Once a month we were taken to the Birmingham Town Hall to listen to various Christian speakers. It was at this Chapel that I asked Jesus into my life. By this time, I had started work as a short-hand typist at the Birmingham Public Works Department. It was here that I met John.

We decided to look for a Church which we were both happy to attend. After visiting several churches, we decided to attend Small Heath Baptist Church where we enjoyed the fellowship for several years. The Minister Rev. Jim Edwards was a big influence on both of us. We were Baptised in June 1965 and married in September 1965 (65 years ago). We came to live in West Heath but continued to attend Small Heath B.C. until Rev. Colin Marchant, said we should transfer to Longbridge. B.C. where he was the Minister.

It was here that I started helping in Girls Brigade. I eventually became the Captain when Mrs. Wilkes (Geraldine’s mum) retired. This is where I felt God was leading me.

God has done so much for John and I, especially in the bringing up of our two children and without the help of God I would not have been able to cope with the sudden death of Beryl’s first husband in Cornwall and later caring for my Mother and then John’s Mother.

Having moved to the Flats at Longbridge I try to talk with lonely people and try to encourage them as I am able to be a good listener. It is difficult to choose a favourite hymn, but I have always said two of my favourites are “When I survey the wondrous cross” and “Faithful One so unchanging ageless one you are my rock of Peace”.

Faithful One, so unchanging - Ageless One, You're my Rock of Peace.

Lord of all I depend on You, I call out to You, again and again.- I call out to You, again and again.

You are my Rock in times of trouble; You lift me up when I fall down.

All through the storm your love is the anchor, My hope is in You alone

Brian Doerksen © 1989 Thankyou Music

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