Friday 3rd April Henry and Maggie

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What it’s like for the Barton siblings in lockdown


When me and Henry first heard about our schools shutting down, we were really excited because we had no more school, but then we realised how serious it was and how much it would affect our future plans. Both me and Henry have been sent our schoolwork to do over the first 2 weeks off but it’s not the same, we haven’t got our friends surrounding us or a teacher talking, it’s all very weird. Me and Henry are also finding concentrating quite difficult because of the strange ‘school environment’. To help with our concentration we both listen to music with our headphones which can block out any distracting outside noises. But one good thing is that we are enjoying doing schoolwork in our pyjamas instead of our school uniform. The first week of ‘home schooling’ wasn’t that bad, it took a while to get our heads around how to use the online curriculum, the weather was also really nice so we had the backdoors open and Henry even did some gardening! it was a nice relaxing week.

We are both missing Girls and Boys Brigade lots its, really strange not having a normal weekly routine. I am praying and hoping for this crisis to end soon, because I miss my normal day to day routines. By having this lockdown it makes us appreciate school, church and other activities because without them life is just boring. Waking up on a Sunday and not needing to go to church was very strange indeed. We really miss church and junior church because for one, we had so many cooking activities planned to do in the new kitchen (even though it took us a long time to work out how to use the new cooker)! We also miss singing hymns, taking up the offering and seeing all our fellow church friends. To keep us occupied in our free time Henry has been playing on his Xbox with his mates and I have been watching Netflix and face timing my friends.


The hardest thing about quarantine is not being able to see our family and friends. We haven’t seen Imogen and Florence for 4 weeks and we miss them so much. Even though we call our friends and family it’s not the same as having a conversation face to face or hugging them. Coronavirus is effecting all of our plans like for me, my birthday is next Thursday and I was planning to go to church on the evening to the Maundy Thursday service but now we can’t go, we are not going on holiday either which is really sad. There is now talk about maybe not going back to school until SEPTEMBER which is so long away. ☹


Whenever you are upset, or worried remember, God is always there, anytime you need guidance or help.

God is our protection and source of strength.

He is always ready to help us in times of trouble.

Psalm 46:1 from the Authentic Youth Bible.


You can go to God most high to hide.

You can go to God All Powerful for protection.

I say to the Lord, “You are my place of safety, my fortress.

My God, I trust you.”

Psalm 91:1-2 From the Authentic Youth Bible

Stay safe, from Maggie and Henry.


Hi, Henry here.

I miss going to church and I miss learning more about God in Youth Church.

I miss seeing everyone being happy at church, drinking tea and chatting.

It will be good when we can all do this again.


I wanted to do an acrostic poem for you. It isn't like normal acrostic poems, where the words you write describe the main word. I wanted to show you all that God can be found in every situation and yes, even in Coronavirus! Hope you like it.













Stay safe, stay in doors and remember WASH YOUR HANDS. From Henry

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